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you want a dvd ripp?
chapeau halu

everyone are ok? fine?

i'm in france since 4 th september! so strange ah ah XD

but i need said to my brain! stop!! you return to japan in 1year 1/2 or more!!

for wait someone want i ripp my dvd fukuro no nezumi? (with harukawa kyosuke) and ripp the album KK best seller of kato kazuki!
because i took the red version and i have the concert ;D

i can ripp if you want!!

and put photoset of halu (i have two photo), one of alan, and baba ryoma!

ok let's go next time put photoset!

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I really would love if you rip Kazuki's concert! *O*
Btw, I did buy the yellow edition, but have no idea to how rip it ;A;
Thanks in advance ♥

ok i'll ripp this week!
but ahhhh please ripp the yellow dvd T_T i want see the interview front of the the hall of sun plaza (xD because i'm inside ah ah)

if you want ripp
me i use dvdfab!!
after you open and go on: dvd ripper!

it's really easy!!

OMG PLEASE !! Please rip Fukuro No Nezumi DVD !!
I wanted to buy the DVD, but it's quite difficult for me to buy it from overseas (;___;)

Onegaishimasu !!!

ok i'll ripp this too this week !! ;D
it's really strange story!!
i laugh a lot

Moi j'veux bien voir le concert de Kato aussi ;D

là j'ai ripper fukuro no nezumi (me reste a couper et uploader) et là je pense ripper le concert de kato et ainsi je couperais les deux show et je les uploaderai en même temps ;D

Yay! ;D
Prends ton temps hein, je prendrais fukuro no nezumi aussi et je le zieuterai (et ça me rappelle j'ai toujours pas regardé rokudenashi blues faut que j'ai le regarder! XD)

pas de souci!
parcontre y a une fille qui a la version jaune de l'album de kato et qui sait pas ripper T_T (enfin elle a pas du chercher) -__- et je veux voir le dvd de cette version!

Au pire tu peux lui expliquer! :D

I want alan's photoset pleeeease!!!!

btw, i missed you! "hugs" :DDD

it's just one photo of alan but enjoy ;D

i'm glad hear you are okay , lauriane san. yeah still can't believe that has returned to own country, it's normal because you found anything various the moment during in Japan *hugs*

me too~ of course i request for fukuro no nezumi XD

Long time no speak!
I'm glad to see you again by LiveJournal
It would be really nice that you rip the DVDs. I'm anxious to see Kato and Halu. I would greatly appreciate it

Celui-ci aussi, j'aimerai le voir.
(Enfin un peu tout avec Haru lol)
Je pense aller au Japon dans pas très longtemps, mais je veux voir si j'aime le spectacle avant de l'acheter... Parce que c'est pas donné ^^.

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