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photoset yuki kubota
chapeau halu


during my year in japan i bought few photoset!!
i put here all of kubota yuki!!


gangsta movie


butler X battler:

hanasakeru vol 2

movie assassin

photoset of the perfum "tous les jours"

the perfum

(with sign)

1 photobook

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the last photo 8///D his face so funny when brushing teeth

ah yes it's a photoset in his 1st photobook!!
(it was in 2009)

I saw that you got his perfume! XDD Do you like it? Does it smell like how he described it?

yes i really love!! the smell is really good! and it's fun after put a little to said: eh it's kubota do that xD (crazy ah ah).
and i was lucky to received the limited bottle with the sign.

and i laugh about the title because it's in french and i'm french ah ah!
i said to him with letter during one show that i saw of him ;D

That's so exciting! :D I'm really happy that what Kubota put together smells great! Ahaha, his hands touched that bottle! <3

Wow, you saw one of his shows! So lucky! *_* He's so fabulous!

yes he is great!! i saw few show of him!! hanasakeru vol 2, event of assassin (speak with him a little), butler x battler and a show of endless where he was.

oh and i saw him in street 2 day after assassin event and kubota recognize me and said hello xD

ah ah that fun.

i'm little sad that he quit his agency. hope can have more info about him soon.
i know he continue his career.

Ah, you got to speak with him! Lucky lucky! :DDD I'm really happy for you; you'll never forget those memories!

Yes, I was surprised when his ameblo disappeared! I'm glad he has a twitter, and I also hope he updates soon!

yes i was so happy to speak with him. and i was lucky to see him 2 times in street ah ah xD
yes me too i was surprised about ameblo! i was like: ehhh o_o what the hell??

and on his website it was said he quit his agency but continue his career.

but he don't write often on his twitter T_T
and before on his website it was easy for know what he do! as: theater, movie or other.

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