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life and dvd rokudenashi blues
chapeau halu
Hi minna-san!!

it's really long time!!!

i'm always in tokyo!! (with earthquake i was return in france for one month)
but finally i come again at tokyo for continue my Visa!!

i work for few event !! (yes because i can't live longer if i don't win money, i'm not so rich ah ah)

i saw few event, butai or other :D

like: hanasakeru vol2, kato kazuki gig live 2011 5th anniversary, tenimyu st rudolph/yamabuki, event assassin (with kubota and baba ryoma), men-tertainment, event in osaka (with mitsu and shota).

really great!!!
i saw again kubota in street and he recognize me and said hello (he remember me because i talk with him during assassin event)
mitsu have really good memory!! he remember me after more 4 month and about my email that i send him after valentine event! (yes really long time)

now i stay to japan until 4th september! after i return in france.

july will be busy!!

tomorrow i'll go to movie event! for vampire stories (for the brother version)
after i have tenimyu hyotei: 16th (both of show), 23th and 31th

and i'm really exciting! because 2 tickets of tenimyu hyotei will be in 1 line!! o__o really!! *__*

halu play: 22th and 26th

and i will be happy to see again my friend!! few come in japan! it will be a pleasure to see them again :D for spend great time.

and good news !! i ripp today my dvd rokudenashi blues!!

i took times because i was in osaka 24th until 28th june.

and sorry in advance if the quality is not so great T_T

you have the butai (it's title 1, you need join)
and title 2 is bonus! each members speak a little, and take pose for photo of the pamphlet.

you can download here

said me if there are problem with this ripp!! hope all will be ok ^__^

i'm sure everyone have fun to see this butai!!

i love this story!! it's my favorite play in all butai that played gekidan exile member's

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I am a new fan of Gekidan Exile and while I was searching for some info regarding the troupe, I found your LJ!! You seem to be Halu's fan, don't you? May I add you? ^___^ I really want to know more about Gekidan Exile. I am downloading Rokudenashi Blues (the dorama) at the moment.
Btw, THANKS A TON for sharing Rokudenashi Blues (the butai)!!! No earthly words can describe how over the moon I am LOL~~ Again, thx u very much~~~

i'm glad to know there are new fan!!
yes i'm fan of halu :D since his debut!!

you can add me!! i don't post often on lj sorry T_T
just when i have something.

i'm fan of gekidan exile! but first time was hanagumi debut! after hanagumi with kazegumi!
but all members change xD
and name change too! so complicated ah ah!
but i stay fan of each members!!

It's nice to know someone who is also a fan of Halu!!! I admire him since his acting debut in Tenimyu but I don't really know about Gekidan EXILE. I am interested in the troupe just recently.

Btw, do you know where I can download the other stage plays by LDH members other than Rokudenashi Blues? I want to know more about them by watching the performances, especially those with Halu in it ^___^

oh i see you know gekidan exile recently!
for stage i put all in my livejournal!!
the first show is yubae N°8, roku akutou, kill te black and rokudenashi blues

and i put one show that do halu in solo with one exile and other actor
it's fukurou no nezumi

all is in my lj!! sometimes open for all or in private (need add me in lj and me add you)

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