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life and dvd rokudenashi blues
chapeau halu
Hi minna-san!!

it's really long time!!!

i'm always in tokyo!! (with earthquake i was return in france for one month)
but finally i come again at tokyo for continue my Visa!!

i work for few event !! (yes because i can't live longer if i don't win money, i'm not so rich ah ah)

i saw few event, butai or other :D

like: hanasakeru vol2, kato kazuki gig live 2011 5th anniversary, tenimyu st rudolph/yamabuki, event assassin (with kubota and baba ryoma), men-tertainment, event in osaka (with mitsu and shota).

really great!!!
i saw again kubota in street and he recognize me and said hello (he remember me because i talk with him during assassin event)
mitsu have really good memory!! he remember me after more 4 month and about my email that i send him after valentine event! (yes really long time)

now i stay to japan until 4th september! after i return in france.

july will be busy!!

tomorrow i'll go to movie event! for vampire stories (for the brother version)
after i have tenimyu hyotei: 16th (both of show), 23th and 31th

and i'm really exciting! because 2 tickets of tenimyu hyotei will be in 1 line!! o__o really!! *__*

halu play: 22th and 26th

and i will be happy to see again my friend!! few come in japan! it will be a pleasure to see them again :D for spend great time.

and good news !! i ripp today my dvd rokudenashi blues!!

i took times because i was in osaka 24th until 28th june.

and sorry in advance if the quality is not so great T_T

you have the butai (it's title 1, you need join)
and title 2 is bonus! each members speak a little, and take pose for photo of the pamphlet.

you can download here

said me if there are problem with this ripp!! hope all will be ok ^__^

i'm sure everyone have fun to see this butai!!

i love this story!! it's my favorite play in all butai that played gekidan exile member's

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ah ah yes! but not so many can meet j idols! just in concert or theater...
with chance you can see in street! (i saw lot of tenimyu boys in street xD)

i don't remember if i put other play in private on my LJ (if yes just need add me and i add you too)

ah yes i saw 1ep of the drama rokublues! was fun but so short o_O and it's not a big production!

ah yes 袋のねずみ dvd's out 22 july! so late because the butai was in february 2010 o_o is really good and other member too!!

there are really fun and kind!!

ah yes i hope you can see his play too! halu

That's so coool ~! Meeting J-idols on the street is pure luck! XD

Yeah, I wish RokuBlues drama been made big like other popular dramas >.< Btw do you know where I can watch/download it online? ^^; I was watching the 1st episode via KeyholeTV and it got stucked in the middle T_T

I'm looking forward to July 22nd woooot !!! (^o^)

yes pure luck and really fun!
for exemple i saw kubota (atobe musical prince of tennis) in a event with shake hand and speak a little with him!

and 2 day after i saw him in street and he recognize me and said me hello ( so crazy xD ah ah)

ah yes rokublues you can found on streaming i think


OMG you're so luckyyyy to have an artist saying hello to you on the street !! I want to have experience like that too ~ XD

Thank you for the link ! You really helped me a lot! Thanks again (^^)

ah ah yes so fun! yesterday with a friend we saw kamiki (a guy in amuse agency) in shibuya.

no problem for the link ;D

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