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『刑事定年』"keiji teinen" episode 9 & 10
chapeau halu
Hi minna!!

today last episodes of the drama keiji teinen!!

i really like this drama!! :D i hope everyone like too!!

normaly there will be a dvd of this drama! halu wrote about in one of his article!! it's out for May!

episode 9 : here
(it's megaupload all the episode 9, because part 1 before on mediafire can't be upload always error -_-)

episode 10:
here  (last episode! halu make strange face xD)

enjoy this last episodes ;D

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but i have little problem at ep 9 part 1 its error downloading O___O

ehh really i'll go see this and may be try again for upload

download other i upload new part 1 (need 30 min sorry)

oh~ it's okay ^^, thankyou~ sorry to make you trouble OTL

NO problem, but i upload again and error o_o
i don't know why

mmh if i can't may be try put on megaupload

until now is still eror O______O Heeee...doushita no?

oh now i see megaupload and you change the download link, i try download now ^^ and it's okay~ not any problem heheheheheh.. thankyou~

Thank you very much for uploading the last chapters :D

no problem!! ;D it was a pleasure :)

Sankyu very much!! =D

Poor Halu! xD
His faces are the best! x3

ah ah yes his faces are so fun XD
but he make a little a lot i think >_<

Yeah...but the character doesn't help, ne? xD

His character is totally funny, but a little useless...x,DD

(But I must admit I prefer him acting as a more 'strong' character, like Roku Akutou's and Kill The Black's Aoi~san.
So cool...!! x3 )

yes this character don't help him! because very stupid >_<

yes i prefer character more complex for him!! serious and a little fun sometimes.

it's better for him.

Great work keep it coming, best blog on earth

Great read! I wish you could follow up to this topic

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