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photoset halu, alan, baba ryoma
chapeau halu

as i said! last photoset!
but when i received my album K.K of kato kazuki inside one photo !! and in the dvd men-tertainment a photo too >__< i need scan this too!!

now photo of halu, alan and baba ryoma
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you want a dvd ripp?
chapeau halu

everyone are ok? fine?

i'm in france since 4 th september! so strange ah ah XD

but i need said to my brain! stop!! you return to japan in 1year 1/2 or more!!

for wait someone want i ripp my dvd fukuro no nezumi? (with harukawa kyosuke) and ripp the album KK best seller of kato kazuki!
because i took the red version and i have the concert ;D

i can ripp if you want!!

and put photoset of halu (i have two photo), one of alan, and baba ryoma!

ok let's go next time put photoset!

chapeau halu
Hi everyone!!

again photoset!!

this time about few others actors (mitsuaki nishimura, takasaki shota and tsunenori aoki)

here for seeCollapse )

photoset kato kazuki
chapeau halu

again photoset!!

now about kato kazuki!!

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photoset yuki kubota
chapeau halu


during my year in japan i bought few photoset!!
i put here all of kubota yuki!!

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life and dvd rokudenashi blues
chapeau halu
Hi minna-san!!

it's really long time!!!

i'm always in tokyo!! (with earthquake i was return in france for one month)
but finally i come again at tokyo for continue my Visa!!

i work for few event !! (yes because i can't live longer if i don't win money, i'm not so rich ah ah)

i saw few event, butai or other :D

like: hanasakeru vol2, kato kazuki gig live 2011 5th anniversary, tenimyu st rudolph/yamabuki, event assassin (with kubota and baba ryoma), men-tertainment, event in osaka (with mitsu and shota).

really great!!!
i saw again kubota in street and he recognize me and said hello (he remember me because i talk with him during assassin event)
mitsu have really good memory!! he remember me after more 4 month and about my email that i send him after valentine event! (yes really long time)

now i stay to japan until 4th september! after i return in france.

july will be busy!!

tomorrow i'll go to movie event! for vampire stories (for the brother version)
after i have tenimyu hyotei: 16th (both of show), 23th and 31th

and i'm really exciting! because 2 tickets of tenimyu hyotei will be in 1 line!! o__o really!! *__*

halu play: 22th and 26th

and i will be happy to see again my friend!! few come in japan! it will be a pleasure to see them again :D for spend great time.

and good news !! i ripp today my dvd rokudenashi blues!!

i took times because i was in osaka 24th until 28th june.

and sorry in advance if the quality is not so great T_T

you have the butai (it's title 1, you need join)
and title 2 is bonus! each members speak a little, and take pose for photo of the pamphlet.

you can download here

said me if there are problem with this ripp!! hope all will be ok ^__^

i'm sure everyone have fun to see this butai!!

i love this story!! it's my favorite play in all butai that played gekidan exile member's

『刑事定年』"keiji teinen" episode 9 & 10
chapeau halu
Hi minna!!

today last episodes of the drama keiji teinen!!

i really like this drama!! :D i hope everyone like too!!

normaly there will be a dvd of this drama! halu wrote about in one of his article!! it's out for May!

episode 9 : here
(it's megaupload all the episode 9, because part 1 before on mediafire can't be upload always error -_-)

episode 10:
here  (last episode! halu make strange face xD)

enjoy this last episodes ;D

『刑事定年』"keiji teinen" episode 7 & 8
chapeau halu

Hi minna!!!!

today i put episode 7 and 8 of keiji teinen!
(i upload yesterday but i went to nightclub and i forget create the article before sorry >_<)

episode 7:
here  (if i remember halu don't appear)

episode 8:
here  (he appear and so fun XD poor halu!!)

(i need download ep 10 and upload 9 & 10 and it's finished!)

please enjoy ;D

gangsta movie
chapeau halu

Hi minna

yesterday i went to cinema (for lady day it's cheap >_<) for see "gangsta"

i went see this because i'm big fan of kubota ah ah

but other actor inside are great too ( with few tenimyu boys yeahh :D)

it's not a big production but i spend great time!

it's not complicated for understand it's a fight movie >_<

i took few photo! of goodies or just when i went to cinema ^^
picturesCollapse )
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『刑事定年』"keiji teinen" episode 5 & 6
chapeau halu
Hi minna ^^

today i put episode 5 and 6 of keiji teinen

episode 5: here (i think he don't appear in this! my memory is not so good xD)

episode 6: here  (if i remember halu appear a lot here! and he is really fun ah ah)

in other article may be i try take picture of the goodies that i bought for the movie "gangsta"
i saw the movie yesterday! and it was fun. (just the character of kubota make me laugh a lot)