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chapeau halu
Hi everyone!!

again photoset!!

this time about few others actors (mitsuaki nishimura, takasaki shota and tsunenori aoki)

mitsuaki nishimura :

photoset during the event of mitsuaki nishimura and shota takasaki:

after the event it was a handshake!!
1st was shota!! he is kind and fun!! when i speak with him and said i'm from france he was so happy and shake my hand like a friends XD (little strange) ah ah but nice!!

after it was mitsuaki and he remember my face and said hisashiburi !! i said same XD ah ah
and i spoke in english with him!! he remember my email on his website!!
he have really good memory.

tsunenori aoki:

this: it's 2 photos sell after the show in tokyo !

Tsune is a really good atobe!! his voice is not bad!! but not like kazuki ! because not strong!!
but he play well!!
he play better after few show!! i saw the hyotei show 4 times!! and he became better!!

he is so cute!!  i was so happy! because i saw the show 2 times in 1st line!!

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Thank you very much!!!
Aoki is sooooooooo handsome

you're welcome !! he is handsome and so cute ah ah

during the song high touch he was little shy xD he stay on scene but i was 1 line and he fix me but when i fix him he turn his eyes XD

Tsune so kakkoi!!!
I buy Tsune photoset after you send me the preview, Lau, and he's so handsome!!! ^^

ah that good if you bought this photoset!!
the 2 last are special!! they was sell after the tokyo show! (in osaka and other place and soon in tokyo)

I didn't have the last 2, but my friend scanning it also ^^ with Lau's scan now I have 3 kind of scans XDDD

thank you~~~
taking Micchan too!

Mitsu O/////O


Tsune !! O////O adorable!!! Thankyou Lauriane san *hugs*

Kazuki, Kubota, and Inoue really have a wonderful successor ^____^

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