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『刑事定年』"keiji teinen" episode 7 & 8
chapeau halu

Hi minna!!!!

today i put episode 7 and 8 of keiji teinen!
(i upload yesterday but i went to nightclub and i forget create the article before sorry >_<)

episode 7:
here  (if i remember halu don't appear)

episode 8:
here  (he appear and so fun XD poor halu!!)

(i need download ep 10 and upload 9 & 10 and it's finished!)

please enjoy ;D

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Itsumo thank you for sharing! <3

BTW? How was it in Ageha? ;D

you're welcome

ageha was a really great night club really big!!i don't count the number of room! but the biggest it's normaly for concert XD

in first i stay with friend!we was 7 (french, japanese, american, russian...) and after i said go alone dance!

ah ah and few guy come XD

Ohh... x3

Well, what else we could expect from such a famous nightclub? =D
Hahaha...I'm glad you're having fun... ^_^

Maybe someone is going back to France with a japanese boyfriend? ;P
Huahuahua... ok, just teasing. x,D

ah ah xD yes it was fun!! sometimes few are not so cute and i try go other place for dance xD

but after ok i found few cute guys ah ah xD

ahhh yes i want but not so easy!!! >_

eh? Ageha? Halu kun is at there?

o_o eh?ageha it's the nightclub where i went ^^

It would be really something to find Halu in Ageha! x,DD

ah ah i don'tknow if he like nightclub! bbut he can't go for the moment with the show "12" xD

i know just takuya uehara go sometimes to nightclub ^^

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